Prices updated July 2020

Important Information

We pride ourselves on offering excellent colour, service, and our clients safety and hair condition is paramount to us. For this reason we require a patch test 48 hours prior to your appointment. If you have used any supermarket colour or stripper, we may carry out an incompatibility test to ensure we can safely colour your hair. Please also inform us if you have undergone any tattooing recently


Our skilled colourists can achieve a range of subtle effects and transformative shifts in colour, helping you to lean into natural changes or to completely replace your current look.

Hair types and conditions can vary wildly from client to client, taking colours in different ways depending on a number of factors. Fortunately, whether the changes you're looking for are simple touch-ups or something more thorough, our experienced professionals can examine your hair and discuss your options, advising on the best effects to suit your style and maintain the health of your hair.

We care about making sure you get the best results possible; hair can be vulnerable to inconsiderate handling, and so we strive to only use products and methods with proven results and a minimum of wear and tear. We also use the Olaplex treatment system which helps to preserve your hair and guard against damage during the colouring process.

We train extensively with Fudge Professional products and in a number of techniques from foils to balayage, allowing us to cater for almost any colouring need. Our colour services can also be combined with our hair extensions and cuts and styles for quite dramatic changes. Take a look at our prices below, and don't hesitate to get in touch and chat about what we might do for you.


ServiceJunior StylistSenior Stylist
Colour Retouch
(Incl. Cut 'n Blow, 2hrs Work)
Cap Highlights
(2hrs Work)


Half Head
(2-2.5hrs Work)
No Retouch Inbetween
From £60.00-£65.00
Full Head
(2.5-3hrs Work)
No Retouch Inbetween
From £75.00-£85.00
Half Head
(2.5hrs Work)
With Retouch Inbetween
From £66.00-£68.00
Full Head
(3-3.5hrs Work)
With Retouch Inbetween
From £80.00-£95.00

Note: Very long or thick hair will cost slightly more

What is Olaplex?

Olaplex is a treatment system we use in our colouring process to protect and rebuild damaged hair, seen here in a change from rich black hair to shimmering blonde. Hair is surprisingly fragile and can suffer broken bonds from chemical, thermal and mechanical damage; Olaplex works on a molecular level to find and repair these broken bonds, restoring hair to a healthy shine and providing further protection against breaks. It can be used a standalone treatment, or it can be added to all types of colours and perms, and can even be used as a beard treatment for our male clientele.

We offer Gold, Silver and Bronze Olaplex treatment on enquiry; if you have any questions regarding Olaplex do not hesitate to ask our certified Olaplex professional Maxine, who will be happy to explain its use and benefits as part of your hair care regime.