Prices updated July 2020

Graduate Academy

The Hair Sculpture Graduate Academy is open all day on Tuesdays and for half days on Wednesdays, offering professional services at highly affordable prices.

A very popular feature of our salon, the Graduate Academy has been up and busily running for over a year and a half, cementing the skills of our newer stylists while bringing excellent cuts and colours to our clients.

Our graduates are available to perform a number of services at special discounted rates, from as little as £15 for a full cut and blow dry by a 1st Year Graduate or £18.00 by a 2nd Year.

The efforts of our graduates are strictly overseen by an independant creative consultant, ensuring the quality of results and contributing a touch which would normally come at a much greater price. Our consultant is a highly experienced director with their own salon in Nottingham, bringing a valuable skillset to academy appointments and enhancing the talents of our Graduates.

Note, Graduates may work a little more slowly and carefully versus an established stylist, leading in some cases to a slightly longer appointment; we feel the steep discount for their services and the input of a highly senior stylist more than compensate for any potential loss of speed.

Academy appointments are always in high demand, and as such must be booked in advance. Due to the educational nature of the Graduate Academy it is very important to keep any appointments made, or to otherwise reschedule far in advance. Simply failing to show up for a booking lets the assigned graduate down and impedes their training; as such no-shows will not be offered further opportunities to enjoy the academy's services.

What exactly is a graduate?

Salon-grade stylists progress through a number of stages during their careers. After completing two years of college training, a new stylist will then spend a further year shadowing senior staff, watching and learning. Following this they will become a Junior stylist, doing basic work and spending up to five years on the salon floor before becoming a Senior. After some time in the role, a stylist may then become a Director; directors typically have more than a decade of experience and are highly accomplished.