Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a fantastic way to enhance your hair or restore lost volume, and can work splendidly with freehand colouring (Balayage) among other methods. The effectiveness and comfort of hair extensions can vary by hairtype, and we offer a range of techniques to suit various kinds of hair, including;

  • Nano Ring
  • Micro Ring
  • Fusion
  • LA Weave
  • Tape
  • Pre Bonded

Whether you wish to lengthen hair, add thickness, or even mask hair loss, we will have the best solution for you.

A client recently came to us from another salon, suffering substantial hair breakage from over-bleaching. When we began the session her hair was medium brown and just rested on her shoulders, somewhat worse for wear having been in less careful hands.

As you can see from the pictures, we started by sewing blonde extensions through her hair despite her colour being brown. This is because we like to colour the hair later in the process for a perfect target shade, skipping any potential issues with colour matching and allowing us to focus on getting the correct fullness.

After placing the extensions and covering the bleach damage, the client's hair was coloured to lilac via Balayage, dragging a smooth root melt through the top, followed by restyling. She left extremely happy with the results, and after several washes the lilac will wash out to leave a beautiful silver colour behind, lending longevity to her new look and allowing it to develop over time.

Pricing is available on quotation and can be adapted to suit your budget; please contact the salon to discuss the options available