Prices updated July 2020

Sienna X Tanning For special days or a year-round treat

In a private space and using our top of the range booth, we have two silver award therapists offering full-body sunless tans for a range of skin tones, from the very fair to the very dark, starting at just £20.

A favourite with celebrities, brides and beauty therapists, Sienna spray tanning offers a perfect tan for any occassion; you can bring a safe and healthy glow to your skin at any time of year.

As seen on Strictly Come Dancing and in the pages of Glamour, Perfect Wedding, Marie Clair, Cosmopolitan, Hello! and many more, Sienna is the first choice for a sunkissed look without the drawbacks of traditional tanning.

  • Anti-oxidant and moisturising Q10
  • Pure, fresh and natural DHA with tan activating erythrulose
  • Vitamin E, organic aloe vera, avocado extract and a coconut fragrance
  • Gorgeous, natural and long lasting colour
  • No after smell
  • Paraben and alcohol free formulation
  • Cruelty free

Getting a tan outdoors or under UV lights actually damages the skin, leading to premature ageing and an unpleasant range of health risks. It's unreliable, prone to being uneven, almost always leaves accidental tanlines right where you least want them, and there's no way to know if you're going to come away bronzed or suffer patchy lobster-red skin and weeks of peeling.

Sienna's sunless tanning offers rich results with none of these issues, and is backed by a superb range of aftercare products from scrubs to body balms, allowing you to not only prolong your look but also nourish your skin, keeping it youthful and healthy.

After a successful patch test and a full consultation regarding suitable tones for your skin, our skilled staff will take you through your options and give any advice needed. Make an appointment today, and have a safe pair of hands guide you to a striking look.